We are PuroSol

Our project started 5 years ago with the purpose of creating new job opportunities, supporting families and communities by buying that they can not market in the north-east of Guatemala. These families and communities produce tropical fruit of the highest quality and with unique flavors.
PuroSol natural foods, snacks and teas means nature, health and happy people. Since 2014 we manufacture handcrafted sun-dried fruit products in Guatemala, supporting the community and the environment.


Our products are pure nature! 

We dry our fruits in special ovens using only the energy of the sun. We do not need any additives to extend the shelf life of our products and we proudly produce zero waste.

Our company encourages a healthy lifestyle!
We offer a healthy alternative to processed food, as a delicious snack at home or an easy-to-carry, high-fiber bite for athletes and travelers.

Our products are community-friendly! 
Puro Sol supports local communities by providing clean water, sanitation and a better quality of life in accordance with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Since our inception we have focused on creating fair work opportunities that benefit both the farmer who produces the fruits and their families.

Our products are made using the ancestral methods of our people!
Sun drying is the earliest form of food preservation. We use the wisdom of our people when carefully planting, harvesting, drying and storing our product.

Puro Sol. A community at the service of life.