The story of PuroSol

PuroSol represents the exuberant flavors and colors of the tropics. Our story is one that emerged out of the necessity to create security among the farming communities in the north-eastern region of Guatemala. We manufacture our delicious products in a region called Zacapa where we are able to enjoy and use the non-stop sunshine to grow and sun-dry our locally grown fruits.

Our methods of production range from chemical-free organic agriculture, kosher care, permacultural distribution of crops, rotational crop growing to keep our soil healthy and of course the ancestral method of sun-drying. This allows us to produce with zero-waste and basically zero-emissions. No electricity, fire or artificial heat is used to dry our products. Any waste our methods of production create is purely organic matter and can be reused to feed our soil after being composted.

PuroSol represents and supports the communities and families from which it emerged. We have created working conditions that provide a perspective and security for the families involved. Farmers in Guatemala often suffer insecurities because of the perishable nature of the products they grow. Fruits and vegetables need to be sold fresh as quickly as possible and this is a problem when the markets are oversaturated. A lot of the incredible food that gets produced also gets wasted if not sold fast enough. That is why we entered the market with sun-dried fruits. With the ancestral method of sun-drying, we are able to significantly extend the shelf life of our fruits without having to use chemicals or cooling systems that are evidently not ecological.

PuroSol also supports the local communities in Zacapa by providing clean water, sanitation and a better quality of life in accordance with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Since our inception, we have focused on creating fair work opportunities that benefit both the farmer who produces the fruits and their families. 

By supporting PuroSol you are not only expressing solidarity with the farmers and families that provide the fruits of our products, but you are also helping the ecosystem of the region. Not only do we produce in an eco-friendly manner, but we also support wildlife preservation organizations like “Zoo Tropic” that take care of endangered species and vulnerable ecosystems in our region. 

Show your love and support for the community that is PuroSol. We have created a product with complete social transparency. Our company is dedicated to enabling the conditions that allow our community to flourish with dignity, as it should.

PuroSol, every day something healthy.

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